Exam and clean

Identifying and preventing problems

At Roo Dental, we need to know your medical history to plan the best treatment. All information is confidential so please fully disclose any health problems you may have. This could include a list of any medications you are taking, allergy or bad reactions to antibiotics, anaesthetics or other medicines.

Examinations require a dental history to help your dentist to assess your dental health. This information helps the dentist to diagnose any problems with your mouth and teeth. A variety of lifestyle and personal factors can affect the overall condition of the teeth. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and may take x-rays. A dental examination can identify problems such as decay, gum disease, enamel defects, tooth sensitivity, discolouration, chips or cracks, broken-down fillings, misaligned teeth and extreme wear.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque (a thick sticky film of bacteria) builds up on the surfaces of teeth. Over time the plaque can harden to become calculus, also known as tartar, which can cause dental problems such as decay or gum disease.

Your dentist will often recommend professional cleaning to remove stubborn areas of plaque and calculus from the teeth. This may involve removal of the build-up using dental instruments for scaling of the tooth surface to remove plaque/calculus from above the gum line and in shallow pockets below the gum line. While normally this requires only one visit, in more severe cases where deeper pockets are present beneath the gum line, multiple visits may be needed for different areas of the mouth to be treated.

After cleaning it is important to maintain good oral hygiene with daily brushing, flossing and by using interdental brushes. The benefits of dental cleaning include; the mouth being healthier, the teeth feel smooth and look clean and increasing the chance of keeping your teeth for life.