Treatment plans

Helping you get the treatment you need

Roo Dental uses EZYPAY to offer an interest free treatment plan option in situations where you require unexpected dental treatment, for eligible patients.  You can pay for this treatment with fortnightly direct debit payments during the agreed treatment period (from your bank account / Visa / Mastercard).  These regular payments help with reducing the “shock” of having to pay the entire amount at once.

The treatment plan is commenced after a comprehensive dental examination and x-rays.  The treatment plan will be prepared as an estimate of the dental work which is required (there may be changes due to unforeseen problems which may be revealed once treatment is started).

Once both you and your Dentist have decided upon the best plan for your situation then the relevant paper work and repayment schedule will be completed.

  • An initial $2.20 administration fee is payable to set-up the plan.
  • A deposit equal to 20% of the total cost of the treatment plan is required before the treatment can be started.
  • Transaction fees of $0.33 + 1.54% of the debit amount is charged with every direct debit payment.
  • A $3 quarterly fee for securely handling and maintaining your data.
  • In the event that you fail to meet a periodic direct debit, a Customer failed payment fee of $9.79 will be charged.
  • There is an optional SMS pre-notification service to notify you when a direct debit is due to be processed, $0.55 per text.

A great benefit of the Roo Dental treatment plan is that you never pay interest on the amount you owe.  There are fees to set up and run your account and to process your repayments.  These fees are included in your credit and payment schedules.  So you know exactly how much you are being charged and, providing you stick to your payment plan, you know exactly how many payments you need to make.  So there really is no interest, Ever!

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